Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hmmm. So I saw someone labelled one of my posts as "bleh". It'd be cool if you commented a bit on what you found bleh. But, really, as you might've noticed, I'm changing the posts on my blog a bit, and making them a tad more personal. Kinda like a journal? Just posting on whatever I feel like, but interesting stuff, too.

I also got told that the background loads after you've finished reading the post - this is something that doesn't happen on my computer. So I see that kind of as a fail. If you want to read more fails, go here. That site also has lots of lolcats and random stuff.

1 comment:

Gandhali said...

oh, shush, this ain't 'bleh' :P

haha nah it's your opinion ... :D