Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shabby Blog

No, I'm not saying that my blog is shabby ... Shabby Blogs is a new website that I found where you get free blog backgrounds. Like the one I got. And more. And free.

No need to share the link here, you've probably seen it on the top left of my blog already ... and their code is extremely easy to use ...

[Since both the previous paragraphs were started with "No", I'll start the new one with ....]

Yup, that's it from me! Might blog later today.

Edit: Oooo. I've changed the colour scheme + the normally "bleh" stuff below the post is now "oh-my-goshy!" ... Posts by me are called "Buzzes" and comments by you awesome peoples are called "BuzzBacks" ... I'm really getting into the Bee mode here, aren't I?! Tell me what you think of my new layout! Is it awesome? Is it still bleh? Leave a comment, or click on the groovy buttons at the bottom of each post! Really, though, I'd rather have comments :D

Today's Word of the Day:
Vale (noun): A valley.

p.s.: Been watching Taare Zameen Par for the last half hour ... an awesome movie. Ishaan's so cute!!

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