Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I am loving + hating at the moment ...

The Good:

- This swan. It's. Just. Beautiful.

- This blog. I won a giveaway there [!!].

- This blog. Giveaways every day?! Bring it on!!

- This country. Hopefully, I'm going there soon.

- These. RJ's promise "making the world a better liquorice place", and they live up to it. I love their soft-eating raspberry liquorice. Think you get those in Australia, the UK, and the USA as well. [I want to try rainbow twizzlers by Hersheys, but I don't think you get those in NZ]

- This video. It's hilarious. Ma-ia hii ... Ma-ia huu ... Ma-ia haa ... Ma-ia haa-haa ... Thanks for the link, Rashmi.

- The ribbons I got from Geoff's Emporium. Ten ribbons = a million possibilities for mixing and creating headbands. $2 for everything = very cheap = a very happy Gandhali. Think I need to go in and get some more.

The Bad:

- Deadlines.

- Missing the bus and having to stand in the cold. Ergh.

- Deadlines that magically pile up.

- Baby rats. Especially those who eat through my potato chips packet and a favourite library book [The Year the Gypsies Came by Linzi Glass. Amazing read]. Ugh.

- Deadlines that magically pile up and are all due in the same week.

- Not getting time to post stuff on the blog :(

- Missed deadlines [not that I've missed any this semester - I'm not procrastinating, unlike the last semester, and not leaving anything for the last minute. Phew!].

The Random:
Today's Word of the Day:
Curio (noun): A rare, unusual, or intriguing object.

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