Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I thunk

I have a

right now. And yes, that image just makes it worse. [And yes, that image is supposed to do that]. Even thinking about the word "thunk" makes my head split. Mmm. But I had promised myself that I'd post today, mainly because I've been taking lots of little gaps in between.

Anyway, my blog and I are getting older. My bloggle will turn one on the 24th of this month, and I shall turn 20 on the 16th. Exciting, yes? [I think it's also Stephanie's birthday on the 24th, but I could be wrong!]

There's a sweet smell at my table where I'm sitting, but I don't know where it's coming from, and it's annoying me now.

[Still not rich enough to host giveaways ... sorry ... but I will be linking to some freebies soon]

Edit: Aha! I knew it! [No, I really didn't]. That sickeningly sweet smell is of marshmallows!! Yes, I'm a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, but I still eat marshmallows ... they're too good to resist! Plus, I didn't know they contained gelatin until this year, so meh ... might as well keep eating!

p.s.: Hmmm. Too many marshmallows, blueberries and soap [for the newbees here: "soap" links to the May archive, where I'd posted lots on soap] on my blog this year, don't you think?

p.p.s.: My headache's slightly better now, can you tell?!

p.p.p.s.: Ooooh, "newbees", get it?! Ah, I make myself laugh.

p.p.p.p.s.: I could go on like this forever.

p.p.p.p.p.s.: Really!


Gandhali said...

thank you, random person i don't know, for ticking this post as "interesting"!!!

Abby said...

i love marshmellos they are 1 of my favorite foods!

Gandhali said...

yaay for marshmallows!!! :D ahh i think i ate one too many!!

Abby said...

I love making smores in the mircrowave (is that how you spell it??)well the thingy that makes cold stuff hot!

I made one today and it didn't work out to well.Lets just say I have to do some luandry tonight!

Gandhali said...

yeah it's the microwave :P i tried to do it in the oven but i don't like it anymore ... it's way too sweet for me!

Gandhali said...

omg i mean the microwave, not the oven!!