Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Oh, what the heck, I haven't posted anything awesome in such a long time. So here goes:

I made stickers. Lots and lots of them. And yes, I designed them, too. I think I'm getting addicted to printing out stickers!!! It's such a fun thing to do.

These stickers got me thinking ... how would they be as a first-ever giveaway? I seriously don't know how to host giveaways, and it's just a thought!! They have their own little box, too!! Let me know what you think, okay?!


Stephanie said...

Those are AWESOME!!!

Gandhali said...

thank you so much, stephanie!!! you just made my day :D

Helen said...

what a great hobby!! :) yes giveaways would be so much fun. your stickers are so cute. i can totally see them for sale at a craft store lol. i wanna see more!

Gandhali said...

thank you, helen, i'm seriously addicted to printing and cutting all of the stickers by hand! it takes so much time, but i find it quite relaxing!

thanks again!! i'm so glad you liked them!! i've also written/designed a book, lollipops, bracelets, bookmarks, and much more!! i'm trying to find all the photos ... [because i've given away the bookmarks etc to friends]

i really do want to see them in a craft store, too! so thank you for the encouragement, it really means a lot to me ... :)

and ... you WILL see more! :D

Gandhali said...

i was excited about the giveaway ... til' i saw the price of sending it to the US ... haha but not to worry, i'll find out alternative ways!!

Abby said...

thoes are extreemly good!
I abslutly love them you are very talented!You HAVE to post more stickers!!and your other creations!
I love them!
You could take pictures of them on a plain white background the who ever wanted one could print it off thier computer!it wouldn't be excatly the same but you could try it
(you do not have to just a idea)

Gandhali said...

hey hey abby!! thank you so much for liking them!! aww you guys are all so sweet :)
i love your idea too!! i'm going to do simpler ones [not these characters] now, and post them like you said [on white background], so you guys can print them out ... i said simpler ones because i just want to see how this goes :)

what do you think??

Abby said...

great i cant wait!

Kunal Kava said...


Gandhali said...

it's awesomely blossomly?! hahahahaha :P