Saturday, October 10, 2009

Writing Ball

Isn't this writing ball so very gorgeous?! I really want to type with it! Wikipedia link here, to learn more about typewriters and writing balls!

p.s.: My corsage brooch is coming quite well ... better than I expected. It's actually half-done, and attached to my scarf right now! Will post pics of that later, and instructions and more pics when I finish making it!

Back to my assessments now!! :)

Edit: I am finding the brooch so easy to make, it's not funny [but it kind of is ... hahaha] ... I'm so excited to post everything here! It's no-sew [I can't sew to save my life], and I've just found out that two types of brooches can be done with the same method!!


Kunal Kava said...

wow...this is amazing...i too wanna type with it...

my exams r over!!!
m back!!!

Gandhali said...

yeahhhh!!!! i read your post!! yaay!! haha my projects are still going though :(

Abby said...

that loks fun to type on!