Thursday, October 15, 2009

My last ever post.

Yes, I think that today's the day I get to think a lot: on how my past teenage life went, what I learnt, what I regret, etc.

I'm writing all my thoughts down. [On a piece of paper, not on this blog!]. I'm sealing them shut. I'm putting it in a safe container, along with things such as: my phone that doesn't work anymore [after I accidentally spilt orange juice on it]. A book that I made. A lei that I received for leavers dinner at school. Some photos. Some letters addressed to me. My broken iPod earphones. Maybe a newspaper and a magazine. Maybe a t-shirt. Other things that I think of during the day.

I'll open the time capsule when I turn 50. Because as I said before, 50, like 20, is a cool milestone. The hardest part is resisting to open anything before that! A friend says that this is an unrealistic mission. Anyhow, I'm being optimistic, and hoping I can do this!

If you want to write anything to my 50-year-old [haha!] self, please do so in the comments, and I'll print a copy out and put it in my capsule!


You will never hear [I mean read!] from me ever again.

Gandhali the Teen.


Anonymous said...

Dear 50 year-old Gandhali,
I bet you have had great adventures as a graphic designer!

ps. Are you still going to blog!? Or is just the teen you who is not posting anymore?

Gandhali said...

thanks stephanie! i'll definitely put that in :)

it's just the teen me that's not going to post anymore!! :'(

there's no way i'm stopping posting!! :D

Kunal Kava said...

Dear Gandhali,
ohh..I mean 50 year OLD Gandhali, how are you dear? Still feeling young? Dear...You are an old lady now! 50 years old lady! But I know, you still feeling young at heart, and that’s the spirit I love in you. Are your all body parts working nicely? How are you reading this? With the help of thick glasses? Ha ha ha, I knew you got thik-thik glasses!
You remember, there was a guy in your school? Small, little, shy, you remembered him as a yarn boy. Yes, the same guy who used to read your graphic-blog, and gave silly comments on your posts. And yes, who also contributed a little to your photo-blog. You recollected correct, his name is Kunal. Well at this moment Kunal is just enjoying his life. And somehow if by any mean Kunal is not able to be in contact with you, than he is not doing purposely, he might be running out of time. But now, he will surely contact you in some days. He is taking a break in life, break from all everyday-schedule work. Because like you only he also completed his 50 years.
So, enjoy the rest 50 years of your life.
Take care.
Love to your childrens!
-Kunal Kava

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gandhali! I bet your doing a bunch of fun stuff right now!

Gandhali said...

omg kunal that was the funniest darn thing you ever wrote ... but no fear, it's going in my time capsule!!

see you in two and a half months!!!! [i'm coming there in jan!!]

Gandhali said...

hiiii stephanie!! nooooo, i was studying when you left that message!! hahaha!! :D

Kunal Kava said...

ha ha ha....thank U...

n u really coming!! wow!!...come soon!!

N Happy Birthday to U..

Gandhali said...

yeah see you soon and thanks for the wishes!! :D

Abby said...

Dear 50 year old Gandhali,
Happy Birthday
I hope you have had a fantastic life!And also i hope you accally are 50 and this is the 2nd time you have read this note (if you read it when you put it in your time capsule)once again Happy 50th Birthday!

Gandhali said...

thank you abby!

Abby said...

you are welcome!