Monday, November 8, 2010

Acrylic Nails?

I just came across this concept of painting your fingernails with Acrylic paints while blog-hopping. It sounds fun, but I am a bit skeptical... would you do it? Or would you rather stick to traditional nail polish?


Raspberry Cat said...

Hmm I am a little sceptical, but I think it would last 3-4 days with clear nail polish as a top coat, maybe longer if you don't do gardening/wash dishes etc. The acrylic paints they are using are actually really good at not chipping. I've used it to paint the "hot/cold" thingies on the kitchen taps and they are still looking good more than a year later :D

linnykins said...

Personally, I'd stick to normal polish, but it's a nice idea anyhow. That reminds me of when my classmates used to paint their nails with twink back in primary school.

I haven't tried the curly fries yet... will try to do so soon, as I'm here 'til the 25th November, not long to go now!

Kunal Kava said...

I don't need to paint my nails... lolz

Gandhali said...

ohh yes i remember the twink nails days! actually, i think it was twink and black permanent markers!

yes kunal, i know you don't! :P