Wednesday, November 24, 2010


How Chocomize works, is simple. You choose your base chocolate (dark, milk, white), choose your toppings (these vary from gummi bears and sprinkles to—wait for it—beef jerky, salt, and hot curry powder. Totally not kidding.), and order. I created a selection just for fun, and mine was: Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel, Crystallised Rose Petals, Crystallised Violet Petals, Dried Flower Mix, aaaand 23 Karat Gold Flakes. 

I'm almost tempted to order it. My order comes up to NZ$17.10, plus p&h. Pretty cool for Christmas, huh? Sadly, I don't think they ship to NZ. :(


Michemily said...

If you want to really order it, have it sent to my U.S. address and I'll forward it to you. I know what it's like wanting something that doesn't go to your country.

Gandhali said...

wow, thanks heaps!