Friday, November 26, 2010

Waiheke Island

Come with me on a trip to Waiheke! (Click on the images to see them bigger!)

This is us leaving Auckland, on a cloudy, rainy day (that building you see? That's the Hilton).

The Auckland skyline.

Did you know... in Auckland, residents aren't permitted to live on house boats (isn't that funny, considering Auckland is 'the city of sails'). However, on Waiheke Island, it's allowed, and there's a little colony of them, too!

Sorry for the misty photo, I took this from a bus (and the windows weren't exactly spotless).

Mmm, a lonely, lovely beach with white sand. As our tour guide told us proudly, Waiheke Island is so... untouched!

Spot the dog!

And... this is not from Waiheke Island, it's from our own garden. Ain't it luverly! Apple and Rose Petal ice cream, yes?


Kunal Kava said...

Wow... What an amazing place. Superb.
And I never thought landscape would look so good in portrait. Very beautiful.

Gandhali said...

i actually took most of the photos in portrait format! :)

Jingle said...

love the images,
beautiful place to visit or look at.

awards/treats 4 u

Gandhali said...

it is indeed :)

linnykins said...

Wow, jealous!! I wanted to do the Waiheke Island trip but never got around to it. Yay for houseboats. My old flatmate's from there..