Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Summer!

Ahh, the summer hols. Four months of nothing-to-do's. and pursuing hobbies, finding work, visiting beaches, meeting up with old friends, (starting a diet plan) ...

I spent today happily making these paper flowers and sipping on Pink Guava juice. I love how happy and summery the photo looks!

I also painted a little Robin. And a pink Peony. They're both work-in-progress, however, so I'll post them up here when they're done! :)

Btw, if anyone is wondering, I made those flowers following this Pom-Pom tutorial by Martha. I couldn't believe how super-easy it was. I am going to stick them on a branch (the yellow ones for Gran's kitchen, and pink ones for my room) for decoration.

(I've scheduled this post for 11:11pm. Today's 11/11 ... haha)

Edit: Grrr, my "post options" has a mind of its own. It won't reschedule this post.


Jingle said...

Happy Summer,

We are winter here soon.

Gandhali said...

ice creams for me, hot chocolates for you :)