Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Diwali!

I'm a little late in wishing you all, but Happy Diwali!

I designed a 68-page Diwali magazine (68 because in order to get bound properly, it needs to be designed in multiples of four) for our local Marathi Mandal, and it was inaugurated yesterday. It was a wonderful feeling, because it was my first time designing such a large amount of information (and it wasn't in English, either!). It was a little stressful at times and it clashed with my assignments, but I thoroughly enjoyed designing it!

Just some quick Diwali photos. I love how Diwali just lightens up the whole atmosphere!


Raspberry Cat said...

Wow I really like the second photo. It is magical.

Kunal Kava said...

What is that?? Diya?? floating??

Gandhali said...

yeah it's a floating candle :)