Saturday, July 11, 2009

Awesomeness Part Three.

Yay for the fact that I am posting today [I wasn't planning to]. And yay for the fact that this is another Awesomeness.

From now on, I'm always going to check the bottom of my Starbucks cup! And what if someone drinks it from the other side? The whole point/cleverness of the joke is lost!

But I still think this packaging is ingenious. Don't you?

p.s.: Fish is gone because it took an awful lot of time to load on my blog. And it slowed down all the other pictures as well. :(

I'm sorry, I received them in a mail, I don't know who owns them. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh! I have seen bags like that too! Some them are very strange.... You could probably google "illusion bags" or something.

Gandhali said...

ooh, illusion bags, i've never heard of them, but i think i've seen them before somewhere.

i'd love to own one! be better than the adobe bag i use currently! ;)

Anonymous said...

I do love Starbucks but I wouldn't want that kind of cup. Right now, I'm watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the 2nd time. Tomorrow I am going to see Goblet of Fire and I am so excited!
ps. I don't quite understand the 3rd pic.

Gandhali said...

ooh, prisoner of azkaban is awesome, it's one of my favourites ... goblet of fire, not so much, i was a bit disappointed, i was hoping to see more. but i suppose it's hard to squeeze the big book into a movie. i'll probably watch goblet of fire tonight or tomorrow.

i'm so excited, we're going to watch half blood prince on thursday! i'll report on that when i watch it!! :)

the third pic ... the picture on the glass shows a nose inhaling/sucking the water from the straw. but it looks as if the lady's doing that. get it?