Friday, July 31, 2009

Petite Watermelons!!

Ohh you're going to love this, it's so cute.

These are Petite Watermelons! Made from lime rind and jelly, it's perfect for a summer's day ... I know you want the recipe! Here it is!

Photo copyright Chocolate on my Cranium.

Today's Word of the Day:
Fabulate (verb): Relate [an event or events] as a fable or story.


Kunal Kava said...

Have u eaten them? how r they in taste? must b sweet!....though cute 1s!!

Gandhali said...

no! i haven't made them yet! i only found the recipe from a different blog, but i intend to make them as soon as i find some spare time!

must be sweet, but maybe with the tangy, mildly sour flavour of the rind? oh well i'll report on it when i make it! ;D

Kunal Kava said...

i'll b waiting 4 ur TASTE-REPORT.... lolzz

Stephanie said...

Sounds yummy. i saw that in a magazine once.

Gandhali said...

oh, really?!

Gandhali said...

@ kunal: yes you will be ... although i dont know WHEN i'll be doing it, or if i will be doing it. jelly, as we all know, has gelatin, which has animal fat in it. or so i heard.