Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Ooh, could this be? Yes, it is! The 100th post! Yay me!

Uhm, anyways, my skiing trip was ridiculously awesome [and no, I didn't ski; I sledded. I didn't bungee either], the weather was absolutely beautiful, I got to see my first snow as well as snowfall, everyone was in such a happy mood throughout the whole trip, and all the laughter and giggling was so contagious [as it always is]. I wish I could go live on Mt. Ruapehu forever. And ever. It was just so serene up there. Felt as if I was inside a painting, or a movie set. I slipped into this strange mood, I can't quite explain it!

Goodness, I can't stop going on about it now, can I? The only sad thing was that my camera broke in the middle of a massive snowball fight :( so I could just take some pictures.

Like this one:

Isn't it just beautiful, picnic benches disappearing into nothingness? A sort-of a neverland, where nothing exists?

And to some who have asked, yes, I did take that photo myself.

See ya later, peoples! Would be glad to hear from ya again!!


Kunal Kava said...

Seems....u really njoyed ur trip!!
gr88 us more pics....

n CONGO!!!....100 posts!! amazing!!!

Gandhali said...

yes, yes, i did, i loved the place and the snow ... actually, the thing is, since my blog can be read by anyone, i won't be posting any pics of us. by that i mean me and my friends, because that wouldn't be correct.

but i'll upload them on facebook and you can see them there :D

ooooooh i know, 100!!!