Friday, July 10, 2009

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard

This is slightly off-topic, as you might've figured from the title, but if you are a LotR book/movie fan, you must watch this video I discovered. It's completely hilarious, and utterly genius. Link here. Link takes you to youtube. I already have it on my iPod.

Edit: Harry Potter fans aren't left out of this either. Click here for one of these videos done Harry Potter style. Personally, I like the Isengard one better. Which one do you like?

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Stephanie said...

They're pretty funny! It was hard to understand the HP one. The ending of the LotR one was creepy. "Leave and don't come back...". At first I thought it Iz-en-gard but its eye-zen-gard. Ha ha!

Gandhali said...

they are, aren't they? mmhmm, i think the harry potter one was pretty out of sync. the song for the harry potter one was "why's the rum gone?", from the pirates of caribbean.

yes, that gollum is quite sneaky and creepy. that line was when smeagol asks gollum to go away ... i was once trying to memorise their dialogues, they're great.

yup, it's eye-sen-gard. gard, gard, g-g-g-gard.

Stephanie said...

Its catchy! They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!!

Stephanie said...

Harry Potter thing on Book Reviews! I think you may like it!!

Gandhali said...

yea ... when i first heard it, i couldn't stop singing it ... lol.

i'll go check your blog.

p.s.: seems like your adobe download worked wonders! three comments to one post?! awesome!