Thursday, July 2, 2009

One more to go ...

... for what, you may ask. Well, one more day to go skiing! Which is extremely exciting, because I've never been in/seen snow before ... and no, ice in the freezer doesn't count! Hopefully there will be a computer where we're staying, and hopefully, I'll be able to blog still. If not, I'll have to post all about it when I get back, which will be Monday.

... and, of course, one more [this one!] post till my 100th! Yes, this is the 99th.

Gotta go pack my bags now. Very excited.
Uhm, and I don't know where I got that awesome cartoon from, sorry :(


Kunal Kava said...

Njoy dear...have fun!!

Gandhali said...

well, thanks, i most certainly will!

and i'm so excited for my 100th, i don't know what to post!

Gandhali said...

um, and yea, this is the 99th cos i have a couple in drafts .. so yea i didn't count wrong. so even if i do post the drafts, they won't be the 100th .. :)

.. just if anyone was confused ..

Stephanie said...

Have fun on your skiing trip!
Don't eat yellow snow! (kinda immature, I know, but just a tip).
My cousin skis though she doesn't tell me much about it.
ps. Where are you going?