Saturday, July 25, 2009

One more link ...

Kia ora!

My marae trip was amazing, more amazing than I ever expected it to be ... we learnt the Powhiri process, some Maori words [Kia ora = hello, Ka kite ano = see you again,  Kei te pehea kohe? = how are you?], got to sing and perform a Maori song [!!], and got to weave a rose and a lily using flax ...

Click here for a cute McGonagall animation. [And please don't ask me who McGonagall is! You ought to know! Jokes ... she's the strict Transfiguration teacher in Harry Potter]

p.s.: Did I tell you bloggers [I know I told you facebookers]?! I've started reading Twilight.

Today's Word of the Day:
Gussy (verb): make more attractive, in a showy/gimmicky way.

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Gandhali said...

i mean, i liked the movie .. the story sounded nice enough, but i am in no way a twilight fan. let's see if the books change my opinion either way.

[i have to say, though, i've read about one chapter, and i'm already beginning to scream "no more, oh, please, no more minute details of bella's life"]

to anyone who's wondering - yes, i'm a die-hard harry potter fan.