Sunday, May 2, 2010


I especially love the peaceful white Dove,

the majestic white Tiger,

and last and my most favourite, the magnificent white Peacock.

We know that doves, tigers, and peacocks are found in their coloured-in versions too, but don't these look absolutely stunning and ethereal?! And speaking of colours ...

How would you like it if your chocolate was teal in colour? Would you still eat it? I asked a couple of my friends, and they said they wouldn't. Isn't it interesting that if colours were moved around, we probably wouldn't approach something in the same way. For example, a teal chocolate [or that green mint ice cream that no one I know likes]!

p.s.: Errr ... no. We weren't given teal chocolate for Easter. The photo's just been tampered with, in Photoshop ;)

p.p.s.: I absolutely love mint ice cream. It's pretty mint! Ok, enough with the bad puns!

Dove, Tiger, and Peacock photos from Google Images.


Jingle said...

love the first three photos.
winsome post!

Stephanie said...

why do your friends not like mint icecream?!? haha its awesome!! xD

Gandhali said...

haha you don't like the photo i took, ji?

@stephanie: i dont know but i loves it! :D

Jingle said...

I posted the awards,
please feel free to take what you want from there.

DatzREIN said...

LMAO! OMG I LUV MINT ICECREAM!!!! ITZ FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS IN EVERY POSIBLE WAY!!! :D and as for the chocolate which is teal umm... i proberbly wouldnt eat it too lolz...kindah reminds me of a plastic toy thing you put on your keys or a lil fancy piece of wax which i believe isnt very tasty at all. XD

Gandhali said...

yay rachel i love it too hehehe