Saturday, May 22, 2010


Did you play pacman on the Google logo today??

And one more interactive advertisement that I spotted today:

Free music via your bluetooth?! On a bus stop?! I couldn't try it out because I was taking the picture, then I was talking with my bestie, then the bus came and I hadn't packed my camera, and I panicked. Lol. I caught the bus though, so that's good. 

May is the music month in New Zealand. I love the interactivity of the ad. I really want to try it out! Best for those cold, grey days when you're waiting for your bus to arrive ...

This is the same bus stop that hosted the ad for The Pacific that I posted about here.


linnykins said...

:O We never get cool advertisements down here!! But Dunedin lacks proper bus shelters like that one, maybe that's where we're going wrong.

And wasabi peas are addictive!!!!

Gandhali said...

really? oo dunedin, get some proper bus shelters and burger fuel!!