Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's get bakey!

Tee hee ... it's my dad's and my gran's birthdays coming up real soon, and I'm thinking of baking a little something! I've never exactly baked before, just a little blueberry pie [recipe here] for an assignment, so let's see how this goes!

I'm thinking of baking ... drumroll, please ... the Rainbow cake! Except ... I'm not sure if I'll make it rainbow, maybe in colours they like best? Anyway, I thought the idea was brilliant, and I like how it looks white from outside, then you cut it open, and voila - burst of colour. I'd bookmarked another beautiful cake recipe, but alas, I can't find it at the moment - I'll definitely put it up if and when I find the link, though!

Some more bakey links:
Cupcakes that make me drool.
- Even more cupcakes that make me drool [minus the Twilight ones].
- Smart and beautiful cupcakes.
- Glitter cupcakes!
- How to make some cupcake art.
- Here's where my mum got me cupcakes. They were totally yummeh, if a little expensive.

Fun fun! I'm doing this next Sunday, and I shall post pics up if all goes well!

p.s.: Brrr, it's getting colder here. I must get my soft and cuddly Singapore Airlines socks out! I hope you're warm and cosy, wherever you are!


Jingle said...

fabulous ideas.
when you bake stuff yourself, you share love and celebration with your family, and with blogging friends as well.

Happy Monday!

Gandhali said...

definitely.... i'll put some pics up on monday :)

how do i follow you? cos you're not on blogger :(

Anonymous said...

ugh those look awesome!!!! i want to gobble them all up... hahaha i swear i won't cuz that's impossible

Gandhali said...

yeah they're beautiful!! i'm so excited about the rainbow cake hehehe

thanks for commenting :)