Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today's my gran's birthday, and I gave her this apron [same colour] from Ladelle:

And she loves it! And I love that she loves it! I really enjoy giving thoughtful gifts [as you might've guessed, my gran loves cooking and baking]. I take so long to decide what to give someone; I look in ten shops, compare the prices, the quality! Maybe it's just because I'm a Libra. So indecisive. XD

Anyway, we just had some Movenpick ice cream [swiss chocolate] and now I'm settling down to finish my photography essay that's due this Friday!

Did I tell you guys, that the Apple and Rose Ice Cream we made was oh-so-delicious? And did I tell you guys that the Rainbow Cake wasn't as successful? [And hence, no photos ...] Mind you, it was delicious all right, just wasn't as grand looking as I expected it to be. I think I'm sort of sick of cakes at the moment, to be honest ... ha ha ha ...


linnykins said...

Ohh, man. Movenpick ice cream. One of the things I love about Mission Bay...your apple and rose ice cream sounds intriguing. Were the two flavours mixed together?

How annoying about missing out on Yellow Chocolate! A lot of my friends who also missed out were quite gutted as well.

Gandhali said...

oh gosh movenpick is the best, isn't it? but i like the burger fuel ice cream as well, have you tried it??

apple and rose ice cream was delicious, yup the flavours were mixed together. i have the recipe on my blog, did you check it out?

linnykins said...

What? Burgerfuel do ice cream??!!!

We don't have Burgerfuel in the South Island. They do awesome burgers and my bestie and I were amused/fascinated/astounded by the ingenuity of Doofers.

Cheers for the link!

Gandhali said...

yeah they have their own ice cream [two flavours: chocolate, and cinnamon and white chocolate]! no burgerfuel in the south island?!?! :O

oh yea, doofers, i always call them doofus by mistake haha ...