Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Holy Moly! Have you seen the epilogue pics on Mugglenet? They're fabulous!! Albus Severus is so cute, and Lily Luna looks just like Ginny from the Philosopher's Stone!

Do you think they've aged Harry a bit more than his 36 years?

Yay, can't wait for Deathly Hallows! XD


Stephanie said...

oh my goshness! i completely forgot about mugglenet and the hallows movie!! i'm so ashamed... lol just kidding x]

Gandhali said...

haha what do you think of the pics???

Stephanie said...

harry looks old!!! gosh they made him look 50! albus severus looks almost exactly like i pictured him! haha x]

Gandhali said...

i know :( albus severus kind of resembles ginny - bonnie wright - i think!

the only main character left to see is hermione!

Jingle said...

Happy Memorial Day!
Take good care.