Friday, May 7, 2010


I had a small conversation with a lovely old chap on the free bus today, wherein we talked about Jung's personality types. Which type are you? I'm an ISFJ, but it changes slightly sometimes. 

He also talked about the 9 personality types on the Enneagram. I'm both a helper and a peacemaker [which I think is quite true - I hate conflicts!].

To take Jung's test, click here. Then head over here to read more about your type! To take the Enneagram personality test, click here. It takes a while to answer them, but the answers are quite precise! 

Ooh, and special thanks to Suzanne for introducing me to Jung's personality types and the Enneagram :)


Jingle said...

very interesting test.
have fun!

Gandhali said...

what did you get?

Stephanie said...

I got INFJ

Jingle said...

Family first Award.
Happy mother's Day!