Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lush Times

I have recently discovered Lush. Walking down Queen Street, I never really paid much attention to the sweet smells coming out of that store ever before. Now, I hardly ever pass Lush without peeking in. I also got the massage bar that I mentioned earlier. It has real cocoa [the stuff chocolate's made of] in it, and it smells very, very chocolatey. It's hard not to just gobble it up. This is what they say on their site: "The chocolate is the finest Belgian and has to be hidden until the last moment to ensure that it gets into the Massage Bars!"

Also, if you care, Lush products are handmade. The bars are hand-moulded, soaps are poured out by hand, and are hand-cut. Bottles are hand-filled. Their stores are lovely and almost everything has a tester, so you know exactly what you're buying [although, I was a little hasty with my massage bar, and I didn't expect it to be quite so oily].

Their packaging is different too. It's simply wrapped in a piece of paper, and cleverly packed away in a recyclable bag. The bag also advises us to re-use it and keep it in our sock drawer, because it's had lush things in it and will make your sock drawer smell awesome.

Lush is in over 25 countries.

These pics are copyright of Lush, and have not been taken by me, I am merely using them to inform others of Lush, and I won't be using them anywhere else of course.

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