Sunday, May 31, 2009


A drink that caught my eye the other day was Teza. They make green tea. 

Their bottles are very pretty. 

And - if you're concerned - they're into "the green thing" too. Just like Lush.

This is what they say on their site: We compost all our tea leaves, use green energy, and drive small tea bushes.

The tea bush part is indeed true, for I was lucky to snap a pic of it once:

It's entirely New Zealand made, and I don't think it's being sold out of NZ. I'll review about their teas after I try it!

The first two images are from the Teza website, and the last one's mine. All pictures are copyright.


Mi Alter-Ego said...

That drink seems.. yummie XD
i'm gonna check it;)

Stephanie said...

That truck is really cool. I wonder how they did that??

Gandhali said...

lol, you should, Mi Alter-Ego!! i should, too!

i think it's just fake grass stuck on the car/truck. but still, very awesome.