Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring/Summer Rolls

I did talk about making these rolls earlier. Here's the easy recipe:

What you need to have:

Water, in a bowl that you can dip stuff in.

Rice paper roll kit.

This is how the rice paper looks.

Tissue paper.

Filling. Here I have vegetables.

And of course, a spoon and a plate!

What you need to do:

Take one sheet of rice paper out, and dip it in the water.

Keep it in until it goes soft, like in the picture. This may take about 30 seconds.

Pat it dry on tissue paper, and spoon some filling in the middle. Cover it from all the sides. The rice paper becomes quite sticky, so you just need to press it down a little where you cover it.

And voila! Summer Rolls! Awesome if you want to impress your guests but don't have much time, because these don't take long to make at all. The sheets I got cost me about 8 NZD, and you get 40 sheets, which is quite a good bargain.

Oh, also, the rice paper rolls taste quite bland without the stuffing, but if you're like me, you'll like it anyways, and will make some of these [which is just basically dried rice paper (wet it first!) without any stuffing. But bear in mind that they are very chewy].

Lemme know if anyone decides to make them, and how they go!

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