Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Okay, I know I'm being digressive these days [don't let that fool you; I've got heaps of cool things that I haven't been uploading due to .. er, laziness?]; but hey, I changed the secondary title thingy, so it's about everything ["the big picture"] AND Graphic Design.

So I watched Mumbai Meri Jaan the other day. Good movie, nicely shot, if a little slow sometimes. I generally cry while watching movies, but I didn't cry during this one. Then I saw the original song Mumbai Meri Jaan. Now that was something that definitely brought tears to my eyes. Originally from Mumbai, I saw just how much Mumbai ['Bombay' in those days] had changed. The roads were so clean, people-less to some extent, and people were so carefree. And then this movie, which shows how the train blasts back in 2006 had rocked Mumbai. Of course Mumbai, being Mumbai, steadied on in a day and people jumped on trains the next day [this is all from what I've heard; I was (unfortunately) not in Mumbai at the time] to go to work and college and to all those places Mumbaikars go to. All this made me realise how much I really love Mumbai, and that Mumbai is, indeed, my jaan.

This is what I thunk today. I'd love to hear your viewpoints.

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