Friday, June 12, 2009


First things first. Thank you so much, Abby, for following my blog!

Second things second. The explanation of blog addiction, by me.

You are addicted to blogging when you come home from a full day at uni [where you haven't had much to eat, and are starving], throw your bags on your bed, switch on your computer, and check whether anyone has commented on your blog. Then you trot away, get something to eat, trot back with your food, and start writing this post.

[Oh, and of course you have an assessment + an essay due the next week. Which you haven't quite completed yet.]


Abby said...

You're welcome!

Gandhali said...


Kunal Kava said...

And its and addiction to read your blog!! :-)

Gandhali said...

my blog is addictive? lol ..

Kunal Kava said...

its short-n-sweet!!

Gandhali said...

well, thanks ... :)