Monday, June 15, 2009


If you've read my posts from the beginning, you'll know I love Damask. If you want to adorn your webpage or even your desktop with Damask backgrounds, here's a really lovely website. All their downloads are free. I'd post a screenshot of my desktop, but it's quite cluttered at the moment, I need to tidy it a little!

p.s.: Want to learn how to create simple booklets? I'm writing up some simple steps for two great bookbinding techniques, so don't forget to come back here tomorrow! Toodles for now! :)

p.p.s.: Actually, as it is assessment week, mind if I start posting after Friday? I'm actually crazily busy at the moment ... sorry for the inconvenience, but do leave comments, I'll reply to those :)


Kunal Kava said...

YA...Gandhali..its blogging in ur free time!! wil b waiting for Friday!

Gandhali said...

thanks! :)