Friday, June 5, 2009

Today I am also thinking ...

Where was I when Wrigleys invented Blueberry flavour for their Extra brand? When I saw it, of course I had to buy it!

And so far, I have been impressed. Its packaging is purple, which is my favourite colour. It says that it helps to keep teeth and gums healthy. It is a 14-piece pack, and the pieces are individually wrapped, kept neatly in the envelope, just waiting to be eaten. The wrapping paper on each stick has cute cartoons on it [Kawaii!]. The gum is lilac in colour. The envelope is a thick card, and is easily re-sealable. It smells exactly like the Blueberry Pie I baked, no kidding.

Going to try it now ...

Quite a strong flavour there, but it's easily noticeable as blueberries. I like. But I recommend it only if you like blueberries. This is a I'll-eat-it-once-in-a-while kinda gum for me. Like the Green Apple. The dairy owner said it's really fast selling. Well, I suppose she'd say it, as she was selling it to me. But I bought it [pun intended].


Stephanie said...

They have Wrigley's gum here so I'll look form it! I think I had something like it except it was Trident and it was blueberry and pomegranate! I love Pomegranates!

Gandhali said...

mmm pomegranates ... it'd be cool if they have it in the US too ... you can tell me how you like it!

let's come up with random gum flavours. here are some i came up with:
-mustard sauce


Stephanie said...

Um ok here are some...
-lost-its-flavor gum
-sour cream

Gandhali said...

you're so creative ... i like the water [cos water has no taste!] and lost-it's-flavour!

Stephanie said...

Yeah cuz I'm a-eatin' lost-its-flavored gum right now! It used to be regular bubble gum but the taste went on a vacation.

Gandhali said...


tasteless bubblegum? sounds scary.

Stephanie said...

Thank you very much for the creative part. I think are very creative in the stuff you post that you made.