Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bubble Bees

Apologies for the late post, I have been on the computer 24/7 last week, and iMac and I decided to break up for a week of rest.

But, I'm back. And gosh it sure felt good clicking on 'New Post' again!

And look at my new Bubble Bee score! 5950! Awesome, or what [I mean, for a person who only plays Nintendo DS once in a while, and doesn't like computer games much]!

p.s.: And yes, I do remember that I need to post on binding techniques, I'm so sorry that I haven't posted till now :(


Gandhali said...

actually, bubble bees is easier on a windows ... than a mac, i mean ... weird, eh? something about the mighty mouse that makes it harder [if you've noticed, they're much heavier]

Stephanie said...

Okay I'm trying to comment. Let see if It works...

Stephanie said...