Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Assessments ..

Hey there .. I've  got some assessments due .. might not be able to post everyday for the next couple of weeks, but here's something to keep you entertained: Click me!

It's a blog called Bloggers Anonymous, and the link is to a page where it lists out ten symptoms of blog addiction .. needless to say, they are all very true with me; I do suffer from blog addiction.

Lemme know if you liked it! :D


Gandhali said...

wow, only 25 posts more for a 100. way to go.

i think i should do something special with my 1000th one ...

[er, like delete the blog? since i practically have no visitors?]

Stephanie said...

No!!! I like your blog a lot and you will have more visitors by the 1000th post!

I checked it out and I am addicted to Blogger. The reason is is because I like to write and I need practice.

Gandhali said...

thank you for your kind words, stephanie ... that really means a lot ... :)

Gandhali said...
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