Monday, June 15, 2009

The Me Bee.

The Me Bee, and her faithful [haha ...] followers. Artwork done by Gandhali, of course! Do you like it?


Stephanie said...

I love it!! That's so cool! You are really talented in graphic design! Keep up the great work!

Gandhali said...

hey, thanks, stephanie, i'm glad you liked it!

the background + the large bee + the logo was actually going to be my title image [at the top] but i never actually uploaded it on blogger, so yea. :)

Kunal Kava said...

Hey..Gandhali...its is just awesome yaar!!..I Loved It!!!
n ya...d very good!!
Applause!!Applause!!HATS OFF!!!

Gandhali said...

thanks, kunal! as i said before, i am glad you liked it!!

p.s.: btw, why didnt you go to the jbk reunion?