Sunday, June 14, 2009

Windows vs Macintosh

Hey there ... I was just wondering, how many of you use a Windows platform? This is just so I know whether I should photoshop my images [make them lighter and brighter, because when I saw my blog from a Windows, it looks completely different, not to mention the images look darker].

Gracias, amiga!


Gandhali said...

of course, that just goes to show how much better a mac really is! ;D

Kunal Kava said...

i use windows!..and it all fine!
No doubt..MAC is much better!

Anonymous said...

I am using Windows now but I have used a Mac and I actually barely know how to use one. Pretty funny,eh?

Gandhali said...

okay .. well, as long as it looks alright on windows .. and stephanie, macs are so much easier to use than windows! i learnt how to use them in a day! but the thing is, if you're doing graphic design then you have to use them ..