Monday, June 28, 2010

Caramelized Ontario Apple Bowls

If any of you are eager to become a Canadian, then i recommend you start from here. A few days ago, my mum for the very first time, found the courage to experiment with her cooking and prepared what she called "Apple Pies that don't need to be baked" and I found them absolutely delicious while i also found it absolutely impossible for my mom to stand there and tell me that she had conceived this recipe all by herself, solely because of the fact that, I knew she had been sneaking away and watching the food channel (How do i know this? Because she didn't let me watch my favorite show *Spongebob Squarepants*, which was on TV at the same time as her favorite cooking show)

So, me all distraught and wound up managed to stumble upon the much sought recipe for "Caramelized Ontario Apple Bowls" which was hastily stuffed away on top of the refrigerator by my mum. *Evil grin and pat on back for self* (So, it certainly wasn't called, "Apple Pies that don't need to be baked" my mum to Indianize everything)

The recipe was in a calender she had received from "Foodland Ontario"... For you Kiwis, its the Canadian version of "Foodtown".  This dish is amazingly tasty and surprisingly super easy to prepare, I hope you all like it as much as i did.

You can find the cooking instructions here.

p.s. (This is for all you folks,who care to read the "p.s.'s" in letters and emails...Sometimes they really are hilarious afterthoughts by the writer and this remains the case here too)
So, Gandhali is really going to bake me after i disclose a little snippet from our last conversation on her blog.
Gandhali: Omg! Rash! I dream't about you...
Me: *Wow* really?? awww...*blush* What was I doing in your dream?
Gandhali: Oh..It's weird...coz i asked you for something.
Me: Oh! *thinking this could be a hint as to what she wanted for her birthday* and What was that?
Gandhali: Organic Toilet Paper.
Me: *or maybe not* oh...i see. *............*

So, if any of you cool bees are wanting some flash azz toilet paper, check this out.


Jingle said...

precious and yummy...
thanks for sharing!

Rashmi D said...

your welcome!