Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some photos ...

... that I've been meaning to put up here for a long time now ... but just hadn't uploaded from my camera!

First up, a sneak peek of my assignment. Here's part of my assignment on the messy bed. Let's play I Spy. Can you find the pom-pom that I made out of the remaining pages from my other assignment? I find it kind of funny that the rolled-up notes [which are kept rolled together by bits of velcro, painstakingly stuck on each and every one!] resemble the roses on the bedsheet. Hmmm.

I'm quite happy how the notes turned out just as I'd imagined. They open up to reveal about 100-200 words that are my thoughts. This was my inspiration, remember?

And, quite late, but a photo of my just-brushed-with-egg-white-and-sugar rose petals. [Isn't the colour stunning?!]:

Recipe for Apple and Rose Ice Cream and Crystallised Rose Petals here.

Currently listening to The Call from Prince Caspian. Love that song! I always listen to it while doing assignments. It calms me down. Here's the youtube:

I know, I know, it has quite a lot of talking at the beginning, but it's the only version that I could find with the actual footage in it. And the other half of the song is in the credits, which they haven't included. Ah well. :)


Raspberry Cat said...

the little notes look pretty neat ^^;; I wonder how you are going to put them together ^_^;

the notebook doodles said...

oh how cool :) nicely done.

Gandhali said...

thanks guys! i made a paper sculpture and put them in it's "head", to resemble the ideas/thoughts/theories in our head. they're curled/rolled up because i wanted it to resemble our brain, but not quite cos it would've been too confusing if i tangled everything up! they took very very long to make, and i almost broke my neck [lol] but it's finished {'twas due on wednesday} and i'm happy with it. :)