Friday, June 25, 2010

Geninne's Art Blog and Rashmi

Geninne's Art Blog. Is. Super. Amazing. She's soo talented! Definitely my favourite new artist/blog.

I can't help but stare at her beautiful artwork for hours! She hasn't been tutored on how to paint. She just ... paints! She says that this has helped develop her own unique, independent style. I believe that, too. For example, if I were to design a brochure, I try not to look at what other people have designed already, because that would stunt my creativity, and I'd just try to design something that lots of other people have done. Yep, just my two cents for today!

Geninne also inspired me to paint some today ... :) Also, watch her paint.

Edit: Can you guys find a Follow button on Geninne's blog? I do so want to follow her, but I can't find the button!!

Aaaaaaand introducing ...

Rashmi's new blog! I'm contributing! We don't have anything up yet, but we will, very very soon! It's a different type of a blog than the Graphic Bee, for sure!

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