Sunday, June 13, 2010

Half-bliss ...

... because I have half-completed my assignments. Two handed in, two to go next week, and I shall be a free bird ... at least for a little while. 

What's on my mind?

- DesignMom's "A Few Things" posts. They're awesome, they're filled with eye-candy, they arrive fresh every Friday, and there's heaps of them. Yep, DesignMom was the first Design blog I looked at, and yes, it inspired me to start one of my own!

- Swooping a prize over at The Bright Side Project. Their condition was that the swoop email had to be sent at 9am-12noon their time [4am-7am ours], and coincidentally I was pulling an all-nighter completing my assignment. I sent the email, completed my assignment, and won the swoop. Here is what I won. Yippee!

- These bottles, and the lovely lovely pieces of curled-up, folded paper inside them. It inspired me for my assignment, where I am creating a bust made out of clay, which is hollow inside. Inside this I will put ideas and theories that I have thought of during the semester, write them on a piece of paper not much different to the one in that other post. This is my theory journal. Oh, I am also threading the ideas together with some yarn. Argh I totally want them bottles!

- Speaking of cute bottles, I got a little glass jar at the local thrift store, with a stopper lid and all. I use it to store some of my ribbons. I want to find more such jars, and sort my ribbons by colour, and put them in those cute jars. And speaking of my ribbons, the collection keeps on increasing by the day. :D

- Sitting on my bed, with the electric blanket on, drinking a can of Coke with the complimentary straw that came with it. Mmmm. I like.

- Dozing off on the bus, as a result of an all-nighter. Not nice at all, especially when the bus jerks suddenly to a stop. Most embarrassing.

- Did I tell you that I used to work at McDonalds? Hmmm.

- This! I am obsessed with making paper flowers! Ach! And it's a really good tutorial, too. I think she might've been inspired by this, by Martha. I actually printed a whole bunch of paper yesterday for an assignment that is now a waste, pretty much, because it came out all wrong. I want to see if I can re-use it and make that into a paper flower like the one in the tutorial! Paper flower with text all over it, yummy! :P

- Just Something I Made. My favourite new blog! Yep, I found it through the Bright Side Project.

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