Monday, June 7, 2010


I had another post lined up for today, but ... this has just been the highlight of my day (so far), and I couldn't not post it!

It looks amazing, from what I've seen, I already love their dialogue delivery, the acting just seems way better [look at the Ron and Harry fight!], and it's going to be a brilliant movie ... What do you think?

Ahhh, November, you're too far away!

p.s.: A hundred tweakings after, I finally got the video to fit! Woo!

Edit: Thanks so much, Pooja, Pillows and Tears, and Sarah for following me! I literally jump with joy when I get new followers!! Because it must mean that I'm doing something right, and that there's someone who wants to read it! Yay! :D

Edit 2: I've now put up the HD one! Such a difference!


Jingle said...

nice to see you post,
hope that things go well with you.

Jingle said...

award, check out details yourself...
Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

aw i wanna cry cuz its the last movie and that harry and ron fight... and other stuff to but i would be spoiling it for non-deathly hallows readers. hallows is my favorite in the series and can't wait for november!!

Gandhali said...

yay really? mine's philosophers stone, THEN the deathly hallows :D