Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi peoples ... I was just watching the PETA campaign videos [links at the end of the post] ... they are so cruel, and so disturbing.  It shouldn't be this way ... harmless, innocent animals are killed without a reason ... don't they get a chance to live? Ok, granted there are people in the world who need/like eating meat. Shouldn't these animals then be killed the fastest way possible, and painlessly? It sure isn't happening at McDonalds, or KFC ... just check out the videos.

I have never before been so interested in animal rights, well, because never before have I seen the cruelty that is inflicted upon so many innocent lives ... and to see them chirping, panting, trying to get away, and knowing that they're going to die ... well, it affected me greatly. My friend Rashmi has her own new blog, and has mentioned on it that she is turning vegetarian. I am happy for her, because I know that she loves [used to love!?] chicken, and this has been a big decision for her.

I hope these videos will make you just as conscious of the horrifying underbelly of the meat producing department of our favourite fast food restaurants as it did me ...

Plus, if you go on to the PETA website, they have more links and videos. Check out their campaigns, too. 


Anonymous said...

Oh that's so sad. I don't like McDonald's at all because is basically is all grease. Now I really don't like it!! And whenever we get KFC (which is not very often) I won't eat the chicken, now that I know that that's what they do.
I'm sorry to see those birds get treated the way they do. It said on the Kentucky Fried Cruelty site that it would be illegal for them to do to pigs, cows, dogs, and cats but why can't they make it so chickens have same rights? Its just sad.

Gandhali said...

i know, it's just sad ... but i'm glad i could post about it on my blog and spread the word a little bit more :)