Saturday, June 19, 2010

Color Me Katie

Color Me Katie. A blog I've been hiding from everyone! :P But seriously, I love it! Katie Sokoler is so creative, and is such an inspiration to me!

Also, check out Improv Everywhere, a "New York based group that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places". This is their YouTube channel, and this is their website. Oh, and Katie takes photos for them which she sometimes posts on her blog.

On a side note. I wish I was in Florida right now. I'm following the Wizarding World of Harry Potter videos and links on Mugglenet, and they all seem so ah-mazing! I think I need to plan a holiday to Florida with a friend. Hopefully after our degrees are finished [she's doing Commerce]. Btw, thanks for putting up with my Harry Potteryness here. I'm obsessed! :)


Anonymous said...

HOW COULD YOU KEEP THAT AWESOME BLOG AWAY FROM US???!??! haha just kidding!! i do like that blog though and now I'm following it!! Yaay!! I got to be her 6000th follower!!

linnykins said...

I love her blog too, it's so creative and filled with happy thoughts! And he Harry Potter theme park, how cool is that? :D

Haha, I may just have to stop at Burgerfuel to try that ice cream you mentioned earlier- cinnamon flavoured, was it? And Dunkin' Donuts (can you believe that we don't have that down South, either?!)

Oh dear, at that rate, I'm going to roll home like a lard.

Jingle said...

awesome post for your friend.

Gandhali said...

haha i know, i love color me katie!!

yeees it's cinnamon and white chocolate! delish!! what the!! no dunkin' donuts?! that's crazy!! you have to tell me if you like the ice cream!! ok?? :P

Michemily said...

I love her blog too. So cheerful!