Sunday, June 27, 2010

Room things

Um. Like. I totally want to make these!! I found the tutorial here. I do have some pink crepe paper [from the time I bought it to make these, but never made 'em because I didn't get any floral tape or wire ... my bad], but I want to use it to make the pom-poms that I always rave about. Pom-pom link here. Ooooo crepe paper pom-poms!

I also made some pom-poms for my room. They're red, and I'm going to make some gold ones too [I'm waiting for a friend, she wants to do them with me]. Yes, yes, Gryffindor. :P

Also. Today, my mum bought for me, the most loveliest of body mists ... Moroccan Rose from The Body Shop. Rose is one of my most favourite smells [along with lemon ...], and I am totally in love with my new mist. It reminds me of the Tea Rose, a perfume my mum used to wear when I was much younger ... I actually spent so long in the store, debating over whether I should get the Moroccan Rose body butter [but I found it too oily for my liking], the Cherry Blossom mist [too ice-creamy, my mum said ... I agree], or the Sweet Lemon body butter [good smell, but again, oily] ... I guess I was just being a typical indecisive Libra!

Oh yea, that photo is from a series of photos that I took while making my Apple and Rose Ice-Cream. And guess what, I totally forgot that I'd taken the pictures till I had to upload some assignment pictures from my camera today.

{Oooo, my first post on Rashmi's blog! Not including the introduction, of course!}


linnykins said...

Hey!!! I'm in Auckland! Had my Burgerfuel fix, but yet to try the ice cream, will do so tomorrow hopefully! Eaten so much junk food it's unbelivable.

Gorgeous photo..I hope you've had a good weekend :)

Gandhali said...

hey! cool, let me know how it goes! :) i've definitely had a great weekend, chatted with rashmi for four hours yesterday haha we haven't talked in such a long time!!