Saturday, June 26, 2010

The New Bee!

Hello Bee Readers,

I cannot emphasize any more over fact that it feels absolutely amazing to be able to write on my best friend's blog without having to hack it!!! Haha!! Me and Gandhali have been best friends,(although I'd rather call her my sister) for around 5-6 years now and our friendship's still going strong!

So, to give you a quick introduction about myself... My name's Rashmi and i live in Toronto, Canada. I'm an engineering student at the University of Toronto and used to live in Auckland,NZ before i moved to here in 2009. I have been a regular reader of "The Graphic Bee" for a long time and was totally ecstatic at the oppurtunity to be a contributor!

Thank you so much Gandhali.

And i hope you find my posts to be at least 50% as entertaining and beautifully creative as Gandhali's are.

Keep Buzzing Folks,


p.s. You can check out my blog "The Happy Ordeal" ,where Gandhali is a contributor!!!


linnykins said...

Hello! Looking forward to your posts too! I'm from NZ also :) Still here though.

Rashmi Meera Dubhashi said...

Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome! NZ's awesome!!!Good to hear from you. =)

Gandhali said...

i'm so looking forward to your posts rashmiii ... they're gonna be beautiful in your own way, i'm soo sure {love the blog title!!}